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We understand that choosing the right insurance company in Jacksonville offering the required insurance coverage is only the first step, and it is important that you get help at every level of the process. That is why Erwin Insurance Agency provides high-quality insurance services for you!

We are a trusted insurance agency in Jacksonville Florida, and we ensure that we are always available to give specialized, one-on-one help for all of your insurance needs. We demonstrate our commitment to obtaining the finest insurance coverage for you by taking the time to listen to your needs.


Covering all insurance fields

Buying insurance can be a drag, especially when all you get is a few sheets of paper for hundreds of dollars. Here at Erwin Insurance Middleburg – your trusted insurance company in Jacksonville, we make the experience a little less painful. We are committed to providing you with more than just a piece of paper, rather the support and customer service when you need it.

The Right Insurance Coverage for You

The Right Insurance Coverage for You

It can be difficult to understand the complex world of insurance coverage. While some companies may try to earn more money by selling insurance you don’t need, you can rely on us for honest and competent service for commercial business insurance in Florida. We take pride in our integrity, and we know our clients appreciate it.

Erwin Insurance Agency represents over 30 insurance providers as an independent insurance agency in Jacksonville. This ensures that you will obtain the finest coverage for your specific needs. With more than 49 years of experience, our skilled professionals are happy to assist you in locating the best pricing.

Agent-Assisted Auto Insurance

Agent-Assisted Auto Insurance

Proud to Serve Spanish Speakers

Throughout the years, we have assisted numerous Latin American workers in establishing their own companies and obtaining necessary insurance. Contact us, and a Spanish-speaking member of our staff can assist you in getting started.

Get Quotes & Purchase Insurance for Your Food Trucks

We have also assisted small company owners in insuring their food trucks. We recommend a commercial vehicle insurance policy for food truck operators since it will cover physical damage incurred in the case of an accident, as well as comprehensive and liability coverage.


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